Our Heritage

Bryn Mawr Communications was founded in response to the need for targeted, subspecialty-focused editorial content in the ophthalmic field.

We assembled a nimble, passionate team and published our first issue of Cataract & Refractive Surgery Today in 2001. Since then, we have added five vision-focused publications and expanded our clinical focus into endovascular and cardiac interventions, dermatology and aesthetics, and neurology. Our relationships with key opinion leaders in each sector help us cultivate content that is informative and influential.

Continually evolving with advances in media delivery and content consumption, BMC developed leading online brands for professional video sharing and daily news feeds. Our experience in print content creation formed a natural bridge to the production of entertaining video-based education, including weekly news programs filmed in our in-house, green-screened studio.

The combination of engaging editorial, authentic peer-to-peer exchanges, and modern delivery strategies has made BMC a trusted partner for content marketing in print and digital formats. Marketers and product managers not only rely on us to deliver traditional advertising placements, print supplements, custom video production, and unique digital projects but also to coordinate live meetings, audiovisual services, and simulcasted events.

We have the passion to succeed and the tools to deliver.

Our History

April 2001

Bryn Mawr Communications LLC officially starts operations. Formed by David Cox and Adam Krafczek, Esq. Cox was the former publisher of Review of Ophthalmology and Review of Optometry. Krafczek was a litigator with a prominent Philadelphia law firm.

September 2001

First issue of Cataract & Refractive Surgery Today is launched. At this time, BMC has 4 fulltime employees.

September 2002

BMC II, co-founded by Craig McChesney, launches Endovascular Today to serve the vascular and cardiology fields.

January 2003

Glaucoma Today is launched first as a digital quarterly publication. It converts to print and digital in January 2004.

March 2006

BMC launches Retina Today and builds a very robust business serving the needs of medical and surgical retina specialists.

March 2007

Cardiac Interventions Today premieres as BMC II's second title to serve the coronary and cardiac interventions field.

March 2008

Eyetube.net is launched as the most comprehensive video teaching tool in the ophthalmology field. Eyetube becomes one of the highest volume and most important sites in eye care. Over 100,000 global eye care professionals have registered for Eyetube, allowing BMC to build a strong and robust database.

September 2008

BMC enters the Dermatology and Neurology markets with the acquisition of Avondale publications, Practical Dermatology® and Practical Neurology®.

January 2010

Eyewire debuts as the premier news source for the eye care industries.

February 2013

Modern Aesthetics® has a very successful launch and is directed at plastic surgeons and dermatologists.

March 2013

BMC launches MillennialEYE, a new app based publication geared towards younger ophthalmologists as well as residents and fellows.

September 2014

Beye LLC is launched as a website that offers product research, product reviews, and e-commerce. It is here that BMC pivoted and in essence became a solutions business. The goal is to provide not only vehicles to educate and market products, but build solutions to distribute and sell them as well.

September 2015

Fyra, a sister company specializing in interactive design and web development led by Ed Sides, is formed. The key members of Fyra have worked with BMC for the past 10 years.

September 2016

A collaboration between BMC, Beye, and Fyra, Beye Interactive Solutions offers custom website design, ecommerce integration, and interactive training tools.

January 2018

BMC launches CollaborativeEYE, an all-digital publication that explores how optometry and ophthalmology can work together to provide the best patient care.

February 2019

In response to reader demand and the changing health care landscape, BMC expands optometric education with Modern Optometry, a print magazine focused on the evolution of medical eye care.