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When BMC launched Cataract and Refractive Surgery Today (CRST) more than a decade ago, our goal was to create a new kind of publication geared toward the unique needs of cataract and refractive surgeons.

The success of CRST led to several other “first-of-its kind” publications, both in ophthalmology and other key clinical areas. Our portfolio includes publications in Endovascular & Cardiac Interventions, Dermatology & Aesthetics, and Neurology. BMC has also been an innovator in digital media: Eyetube is ophthalmology’s largest video site with almost 4,000 videos and more than 58,000 registered users. We are currently implementing this platform with Dermtube and Modern Aesthetics TV.

We also lead the eye care industry in the distribution of online news through Eyewire TV (our weekly ophthalmic news video), Eyewiretoday.com (our DAILY ophthalmic online news update), Dermwire.com (our dermatology industry news site) and Aesthetics Wire. Our editorial team also provides daily video news coverage of top clinical meetings and conferences worldwide.

Using our extensive educational meetings experience and relationships with KOLs, BMC Group excels in producing live meetings like symposia, round tables and dinner meeting series. Similarly, BMC Custom Media leverages our in-house writing and production services to produce quality education, editorial, videos, and digital media. We understand how to create timely, influential digital communications that deliver targeted messages to the right physicians and specialists.

Today, BMC is a multi-faceted communications company. Our medical publishing and digital platforms reach medical practitioners who drive product adoption.

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